2006-2007 Energy Center Grants (Cycle 1)

Category 1a: Bioenergy Conversion Processes — genomics, biochemistry, catalytic chemistry

Ethanol as an Energy Source and Terminal Reductant: Exploitation of Thermophilic Redox Enzymes in Catalyst Development and Screening
Principal Investigator: David Berkowitz, Chemistry
Co-Investigator(s): Paul Blum, School of Biological Sciences
PI web page:  David Berkowitz Webpage
Abstract:  101 David Berkowitz Abstract

Category 1b: Bioenergy Conversion Processes — chemical and industrial engineering

Improving Ethanol Production Efficiency: Optimization of Corn-based Feedstock Energy Conversions
Principal Investigator: David Jackson, Food Science & Technology
Co-Investigator(s): Wajira S. Ratnayake, Food Science & Technology, Rolando A. Flores, Food Science & Technology, Galen Erickson, Animal Science
PI web page: David Jackson Webpage
Abstract:  102 David Jackson Abstract

Ethanol: Utilization of By-Products
Principal Investigator: Hossein Noureddini, Chemistry & Biomolecular Engineering
PI web page: Hossein Noureddini Webpage
Abstract:  103 Hossein Noureddini Abstract

Technical and Economical Analyses of Combined Heat and Power Generation for Distillers Grains
Principal Investigator: Lijun Wang, Biological Systems Engineering
Co-Investigator(s): Milford A. Hanna, Biological Systems Engineering, Curtis L. Weller, Biological Systems Engineering, David D. Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
PI web page:  No longer at the  University of Nebraska
Abstract:  104 Lijun Wang Abstract

Category 2: Physics; electrical, mechanical engineering

A Prototype Series Hybrid Drive Train Using New Permanent Magnet Electric Machine Designs
Principal Investigator: Dean J. Patterson, Electrical Engineering – visiting professor
Co-Investigator(s): Jerry L. Hudgins, Electrical Engineering
PI web page:  Dean Patterson Webpage
Abstract:  105 Dean Patterson Abstract

Rapid Screening Micro Fuel Cells for Portable Electronics
Principal Investigator: Li Tan, Engineering Mechanics
Co-Investigator(s): Zhaoyan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering
PI web page:  Li Tan Webpage
Abstract: 106 Li Tan Abstract

Magnetic Nanostructures for Energy-Efficient Cooling
Principal Investigator: Christian Binek, Physics & Astronomy Co-Investigator(s): Ralph Skomski, Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience, David J. Sellmyer, Physics & Astronomy
PI web page:  Christian Binek Webpage
Abstract:  107 Christian Binek Abstract

Flow Measurement of Power Plant Water Resources and Discharges Using Thermal Imaging
Principal Investigator: David M. Admiraal, Civil Engineering
Co-Investigator(s): John Stansbury, Civil Engineering – Omaha, David Rundquist, School of Natural Resources,Dennis Alexander, Electrical Engineering, Junke Guo, Civil Engineering – Omaha
PI web page: David Admiraal Webpage
Abstract: 108 David Admiraal Abstract

Hydrogen Production and Storage Using Wind and Nuclear Sources
Principal Investigator: Jerry L. Hudgins, Electrical Engineering Co-Investigator(s): Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering, Dean Patterson, Electrical Engineering
PI web page: Jerry Hudgins Webpage
Abstract:  109 Jerry Hudgins Abstract

Category 3: Architecture; architectural engineering

Development, Implementation and Deployment of Smart Building Energy Systems Monitoring, Controls and Diagnostics Using a Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Principal Investigator: Haorong Li, Architectural Engineering – Omaha Co-Investigator(s): Song Ci, Computer & Electronics Engineering – Omaha, Hamid Sharif, Computer & Electronics Engineering – Omaha
PI web page:  Haorong Li Webpage
PI Abstract: 110 Haorong Li Abstract

Category 4: Agriculture, agronomy, animal science, agriculture meteorology

Exploiting the Synergy between Ethanol and Distillers Grains
Principal Investigator: Galen Erickson, Animal Science Co-Investigator(s): Terry Klopfenstein, Animal Science
PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage
PI abstract:  111 Galen Erickson Abstract

Coupling Field Demonstrations and Simulation Model to Increase Energy and Crop Water Use Efficiency for Corn Production
Principal Investigator: Suat Irmak, Biological Systems Engineering
Co-Investigator(s): Haishun Yang, Agronomy & Horticulture, Achim Dobermann, Agronomy & Horticulture, Daniel Walters, Agronomy & Horticulture
PI web page: Suat Irmak Webpage
PI Abstract: 112 Suat Irmak Abstract

Dried Distillers Grains as a Source of Supplemental Energy and Protein for Developing Replacement Heifers
Principal Investigator: Rick N. Funston, West Central Research and Extension Center
Co-Investigator(s): Andrea S. Cupp, Animal Science, Rick J. Rasby, Animal Science
PI web page: Rick Funston Webpage
PI Abstract: 113 Rick Funston Abstract

Category 5: Economics, policy feasibility studies

An Economic Analysis of Enterprise Options for the Bio-based Economy Initiative in Central and North Central Nebraska
Principal Investigator: Alan E. Baquet, Agricultural Economics
PI web page:  Alan Baquet Webpage
PI Abstract:  114 Alan Baquet Abstract