Competetive seed grants grow energy ideas

Competetive seed grants grow energy ideas

The Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research (NCESR), chartered in 2006, supports innovative research and interdisciplinary collaboration by funding competitive “seed grants” for energy sciences research. About Us describes the mission, goal, vision, center organization and administration, including the Director, Associate Director, Executive Council and the External Advisory Committee. Contact Us gives the office address plus contact information for the Center’s staff. Use the Whittier Research Center Map or UNL’s Campus Maps to locate the NCESR office in Suite 230 of the Whittier Research Center, 2200 Vine Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

NCESR announces undergraduate internship for the summer of 2017 – Applications due March 24, 2017

The Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research (NCESR) is taking applications for the summer undergraduate internship in energy sciences research. The Darrell J. Nelson Summer Undergraduate Internship in Energy Sciences Research is being offered for the fourth time in the amount up to $5,000 per recipient for the summer of 2017. For additional information about the 2017 application requirements, click here:   2017 NCSER Summer Internship Info Sheet.  For a copy of the application form (Word document),  click here: NCESR Summer Undergraduate Internship – 2017 Application Form.  The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) showcased the 2016 summer undegraduate interns in their publication “Energy Insight”.

Scientists at NCESR in the news again

Materials scientists at the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, are working on a variety of “radiation-tolerant” materials that are self-healing in nuclear reactors.  These would improve the durability of the metal parts, which would be helpful for the current fleet and more important for advanced reactors still in the design phase. Fuel elements in existing reactors are replaced after a few years, but some of the new designs would leave metal parts in place for far longer. And better materials can improve the reliability of any industry.  To learn more, click on this link:

Undergraduate Student Research Grants Available

Sponsor:  American Public Power Association (APPA), Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development projects (DEED)

Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time students attending school at an accredited college/university or vocational institution within the US and must not be graduating within 12 months of the application deadline. Official transcripts must be submitted by the application deadline. Read more…

Energy Center selects new projects for Cycle 11

Six new research projects were selected for funding by the Energy Center in its eleventh annual grant competition.  The faculty selected for the awards were Professors Chris Cornelius, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering;  Wei Niu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Jeff Shield,  Mechanical and Materials Engineering; Martha Shulski, School of Natural Resources; Peter Sutter, Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Jian Wang, Mechanical and Materials Engineering.  To learn more go to Research Grant Awards – Cycle 11

Energy Center lays foundation for $20 million NSF EPSCoR grant

Ed Cahoon and James Alfano

Ed Cahoon and James Alfano

Professor Edgar Cahoon from the Biochemistry Department recently informed the Energy Center that he and his co-PI, James Alfano, are recipients of a $20 million grant from the NSF EPSCoR program.  The title of the project is “RII Track-1: Center for Root and Rhizobiome Innovation (CRRI)”. The project is designed to improve soil and crops in Nebraska and globally. Dr. Cahoon credits the Energy Center with laying the foundation for making this grant possible.  The Energy Center and its research projects are funded by the Nebraska Public Power District through a partnership with the University of Nebraska—Lincoln.  (Picture from UNL Today, courtesy of Gillian Klucas, Research and Development)

Video showcases five energy research projects

The Nebraska Public Power District recently produced a video showcasing five energy research projects funded through the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research.  The
University of Nebraska-Lincoln  professors leading these projects are Galen Erickson, Animal Science; Concetta DiRusso, Biochemistry;  Joe Luck, Biological Systems Engineering; James Specht, Agronomy and Horticulture;  and Alexander Sinitskii, Chemistry.  To view the video, go to Video Showcases Five Energy Research Projects  Click on Research Grant Awards to see more information about all research projects.