Welcome to the NCESR Funding Award Tutorial !

If you are new to working with Energy Center grants, some background information has been provided.  If not, you may skip to the appropriate sections of interest.  We hope this tutorial will answer all your questions, if not be sure to contact us at 402-472-6082.


  • The Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research is a collaboration between the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).
  • The mission of the Energy Center is to conduct energy research that produces new technologies, processes and systems that provide new or significantly enhanced energy sources and improve the quality of life and economic opportunity for Nebraskans and beyond.  To this end, the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research provides seed funds for projects in promising new areas. The Energy center also encourages interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Principal Investigators on projects are encouraged to attract external funding from federal agencies, foundations and other public or private entities.
  • Oversight of the Center’s programs and final decisions on allocation of grants is determined by the External Advisory Committee (the Chancellor of the University, the Vice Chancellor for Research, and three representatives from the Nebraska Public Power District).

Roles and Responsibilities at the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research

  • TBA – Director
  • Jerry Hudgins – Interim Director and Associate Director
  • Mark Riley- Associate Director
  • Brenda Coufal – Program Coordinator  ( brenda.coufal@unl.edu or 402-472-3859 )
  • Sue Wesely – Administrative Associate  ( swesely4@unl.edu or 402-472-6082 )

Selection and Awards

The Energy Center will release a request for proposals (RFP) around the first of April. To learn more about the selection and award process, click on the link below.

Costs, Budget, and Monitoring Grants

In addition to the information in the attached slide show, you should be aware that Energy Center grants will be handled by your department even though they have a “1217” cost center number on them.  The Energy Center will monitor the awarded projects. If a question arises, our office will contact you.  Please watch the Slide Show for other information.

Awarded funds may be shifted among budget categories; however, the cumulative total of these changes must be within + 20% of the total grant amount.  To reallocate funds among line items in excess of the + 20% cumulative limit, you must first start by sending a written request to the Energy Center (swesely4@unl.edu) for approval 30 days prior to incurring additional commitments and/or expenditures that exceed the limit.  See the amendment process section.

Amendment Process

Occasionally a change needs to be made to the categories in the budget or a no-cost extension is needed.  When that happens, a “Request to Amend Energy Grant”  amendment form needs to be requested from the Energy Center. The form will be sent to you electronically.  When  completing the form, you will notice that calculations occur automatically.

The completed form must be submitted not less than 30 working days prior to the desired effective date of the requested change.

Progress Reports

  • Progress Reports are due on the dates stated in the Award.  The Principal Investigator may ask for your assistance since financial information needs to be included in the report.
  • The lead Principal Investigator on the project will receive notification of an approaching report deadline as well as a report template.
  • Reports must be submitted on time.
  • If slides are submitted with the report, they must acknowledge the funding source.  Slides are not required.

Year 2 Funding and Closeout Process

Progress review meetings are held in the Fall.  At that time, Year 1 projects with provisional funding for Year 2 will be evaluated.  Principal Investigators will need to be prepared to give a presentation to the review committee. Year 2 funding and closeout