2014 Research Fair

The 2014 Graduate Student Poster Session, a celebration highlighting graduate student research and creative activity, was held on April 15, 2014 as part of the campus-wide 2014 Spring UNL Research Fair. The purpose of this yearly event is to give students the opportunity to showcase their research or creative activity; to communicate their results to other students, faculty and staff; and to learn about other areas of research and creative activity. The event is sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Graduate Studies.   2014 Poster Session – all Energy Center participants

Keith Miller, Biological Systems Engineering, Analyzing Topographic Wetness Index Values with Soil Moisture Throughout the 2013 Growing Season

Mahdi Alhajji, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Capturing and Conversion of CO2 with Chemical-Looping Technology

Wenjia Hou, Electrical Engineering, Quality Dependence of Bi-layer Graphene on Heating Profile in the Rapid Thermal Processing Method

Chris Wilson, Corey Kruse, Electrical Engineering,  Femtosecond Laser Surface Processing Techniques and Applications in Electrochemistry and Nucleate Pool Boiling

Ehsan Nazarian, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, Risk-Aware Peak Electricity Demand Shifting in Cooling Facilities with Thermal Energy Storage

Cheng Bi, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Interdiffusion Grown Organolead Halide Peovskite Thin Films by Thermal Annealing   (Presenter picture not available)

Shuman Li, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Low Temperature Synthesis of Lanthanide Doped NaYF4 Crystals and Temperature Effect on NIR-to-VIS Upconversion

Yuchuan Shao, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Elucidating the Fullerene Passivation Effect in CH4NH3Pbl3 Planar heterojunction Perovskite Solar Cells

Qi Wang, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Large Fill-Factor Bilayer Iodine Perovskite Solar Cells Fabricated by low-Temperature Solution-Process

Qingfeng Dong, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Crystal Grain Enlargement in Organolead Trihalide Perovskite by Effective Chlorine Incorporation Using a Layer-by-Layer Coating Process

Zhengguo Xiao, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Efficient, High Yield Perovskite Photovoltaic Devices Grown by Interdiffusion of Solution-Processed Precursor Stacking Layers

Chengchou Han, Agronomy and Horticulture, Developing CornSoyWater: A Web-based Decision Aid for Corn and Soybean in Nebraska

Andrea Watson, Animal Science, Optimizing Biogas Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Feedlot Manure

Tyler Johnson, Biological Sciences, Co-Synthesis of Bioenergy Proteins to Increase Microbial Biofuel Competitiveness

Tsz Him Lo, Biological Systems Engineering, To VRI or Not to VRI: Informing Variable Rate Irrigation Investment Decisions

Lei Li, Chemistry, CO Oxidation on TiO2(110) Supported Subnanometer Gold Clusters: Size and Shape Effects

Gilbert Mbah, Chemistry, Three-Dimensional Periodic Graphene Nanostructures

Sumit Beniwal, Physics and Astronomy, Organic-Inorganic Interface Engineering Towards Better Pyroelectric Materials

Mahmoud Elzouka and Mukesh Kulsreshath, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Modeling of Near-Field Concentrated Solar Thermophotovoltaic Microsystem