2023 Student Research Days

The UNL offices of Undergraduate Research, Graduate Studies, and Research and Economic Development hosted poster sessions March 28-29, 2023 at the Student Research Days. About 130 graduate students and 190 undergraduate students participated in the event.

The poster sessions give students the opportunity to showcase their research or creative work; to communicate their results; and to learn about other areas of research and creative activities. Twenty posters represented research projects funded by the NCESR and were presented by three undergraduate students, 18 graduate students and one postdoc. The competition involved more than 40 faculty and postdoc reviewers who rated student presentations on the basis of their research scholarship and presentation skills.

Undergraduate Student Posters

Alyssa Simpson, Department of Physics and Astronomy (Poster Winner)
Free-standing PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 top-gated two-dimensional MoS2 photovotaics (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Alyssa Simpson-Jerry Hudgins (Photo)
2023 SRD – Alyssa Simpson her presenting poster (Photo)

Hailey Anderson, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Probing 2D Ferroelectricity in van der Waals CuInP2S6 Using Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Hailey Simpson-Jerry Hudgins (Photo)
2023 SRD – Hailey Anderson presenting her poster (Photo)

Edric Teut, Department of Biochemistry
Electron Transfer in Microorganisms: Essentiality of the E- and F- [Fe4S4] clusters of the Methanosarcina acetivorans CODH enzyme (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Edric Teut-Dr. Nicole Baun-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Edric Teut presenting his poster (Photo)

Graduate Student Posters

Arjun Subedi, Department of Physics and Astronomy (Poster Winner)
A model for electronic phase transitions of CoFe2O4and NiCo2O4thin film surfaces: Temperature dependent X-ray photoemission studies of CoFe2O4and NiCo2O4thin films (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Arjun Subedi-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Arjun Subedi presenting his poster (Photo)

Fahmida Afrin, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Complex Deep Learning for Reliable Radio Fingerprinting in Adversarial Environments (Poster)
Alan Dostal-Fahmida Afrin-Roman Estrada (Photo)
Fahmida Afrin presenting her poster (Photo)

Matthew Boeding, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Formal Verification for Discovering and Validating Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Energy Sector (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Dr. Hamid Sharif-Matthew Boeding-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Matthew Boeding presenting his poster (Photo)

Hanna Cronk, Animal Sciences Department
Effect of biochar inclusion in finishing beef cattle diets on enteric methane production and performance (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Hanna Cronk-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Hanna Cronk presenting her poster (Photo)

Connor Hines, Department of Biochemistry
Use of Crispr Cas9 in Improving Transformation Integrity in Methanosarcina acetivorans (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Connor Hines-Dr. Nicole Baun-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Connor Hines presenting his poster (Photo)

Rajesh Keloth, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Design of Ion-Conducting Materials for High-Temperature Energy Applications (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Rajesh Keloth-Dr. Shudipto Dishari-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Rajesh Keloth presenting his poster (Photo)

Dibyendu Khan, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
State Feedback Control-Based Optimal Management of a Modular Second-Life Battery for Grid Energy Storage (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Dibyendu Khan-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Dibyendu Khan presenting his poster (Photo)

Christopher Merkel, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Bottom-up Synthesis of 2D Polymers and Frameworks for Gas Separation (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Christopher Merkel-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Christopher Merkel presenting his picture (Photo)

Islam Orynbassarov, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Low-Carbon Biochar-Incorporated Concrete (Poster)
2023 SRD – Alan Dostal-Islam Orynbassarov-Roman Estrada (Photo)
2023 SRD – Islam Orynbassarov presenting his poster (Photo)

Anne Stratman, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Optimizing Bidding Strategies of a Combined Wind/ESS System Using a Novel Stochastic Optimization with Reinforcement Learning Algorithm (Poster)
2023 SRD – Roman Estrada-Anne Stratman-Alan Dostal (Photo)
2023 SRD – Anne Stratman presenting her poster (Photo)

Sean Thompsen, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Recycling High-Value Metal Powders for Acidic Water Splitting: A Circular Economy Approach to Metal Additive Manufacturing (Poster)
2023 SRD – Alan Dostal-Sean Thompsen-Dr. Li Tan-Roman Estrada (Photo)
2023 SRD – Sean Thompsen presenting his poster (Photo)

Kun Wang, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Engineering Ferroelectricity and Quadruple-well State in CuInP2S6 (CIPS) via Interfacial PbZr0.2Ti0.8O3 (Poster)
2023 SRD – Alan Dostal-Kun Wang-Roman Estrada (Photo)

Purlen Sezer Okur, Department of Food Science and Technology
Developing a Green Biorefinery Approach for Rural Processing of High-Value Camelina and Sorghum Co-Products (Poster)
2023 SRD – Purlen Sezer Okur showing her poster (Photo)

Xin Chen and Zhipeng Wu, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (Presented together)
Corrosion Behaviors of Diamond Coated Stainless Steel 316 in Molten Nitrate Salts (Poster)
Roman Estrada-Xin Chen-Dr. Bai Cui-Zhipeng Wu-Alan Dostal (Photo)
Xin Chen and Zhipeng Wu presenting their poster together (Photo)

Sai Lamba Karanam and Fahmida Afrin and Boyang Hu, School of Computing (Presented together)
Hardware Isolated Smart Grid Security (Poster)

Postdoc Poster

Sean Carr, Department of Biochemistry
Enhancing Growth and Bioproduct Output in Engineered Methanogens (Poster)
2023 SRD – Mark Riley-Alan Dostal-Nicole Baun-Sean Carr-Roman Estrada (Photo)
2023 SRD – Sean Carr presenting his poster (Photo)