2019 Research Fair

The 2019 Graduate Student Poster Session, a celebration highlighting graduate student research and creative activity, was held on April 15, 2019 as part of the campus-wide 2019 UNL Spring Research Fair. The purpose of this yearly event is to give students the opportunity to showcase their research or creative activity; to communicate their results to other students, faculty and staff; and to learn about other areas of research and creative activity. Fifteen posters related to Energy Center projects were exhibited at the event. Dr. Michael Nastasi, Director of the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, and Alan Dostal and John Swanson, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) congratulated the students. (NPPD is a collaborator with the Energy Center). The Research Fair is sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Graduate Studies.  2019 UNL Research Fair Composite of all Energy Center participants

On that same day, an undergraduate poster session was held.  One poster represented research on an Energy Center project.

Undergraduate Poster

Iakov Golman, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Incorporation of Graphene Nanoribbons into Continuous Electrospun Nanofibers
Mr. Golman received the best poster award.  He took part in the Undergraduate Research at  the State of Nebraska Capitol Breakfast and poster session.

Graduate Students

Amir Ebrahimi Fakar, Department of Architectural Engineering, Novel Grain Storage Systems

Chao Jia, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Optimal Energy Management for Hybrid Electric Off-Road Vehicles

Charles Nguyen, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Localized Nano-Mechanical and Nano-Chemical Anhalysis by Atomic Tri-Force Microscopy of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Chris Duerschner, Department of Civil Engineering, Degradation of Acetaldehyde in Biiotrickling Filters

Corbyn Mellinger, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Evidence of Magnetic Anistropy in NiCo2O4 Strained Films

Dongyue Xie, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Strength and Plasticity of Amorphous Ceramic Composites

Fei Wang, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, High-Entropy Carbide Ceramics for Extreme Environments

Howard Willett, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, De novo Biosynthesis of Adipic Acid from Lignin-Derived Aromatics

Jacob Teeter, Department of Chemistry,  Lead Halide Perovskites: from Nanoparticles to Devices

Mingyu Gong, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Ceramic Nanowelding via In-Situ Growth of Metal Whiskers

Nicole Fiore, School of Biological Sciences, Conversion of Calcium Carbonate into Methane and Mutli-Carbon Compounds by a Novel Microbial Consortium

Sean Carr, School of Biological Sciences, Designing an Archaea-Bacteria Co-Culture Terpene Production Platform for a Microbial Electrolysis Cell

Soodabeh Azadehranjbar, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Deformation Mechanisms in Mg-Al Nanocomposite

Thilini Ekanayake,  Department of Physics and Astronomy, Effects of Mn Doping on ZnS and CdS Quantum Dot Inks
Thilini  received a best poster award earning her a $400 travel grant to present her research at a regional or national conference.

Vimmy Khetrapal, Department of Chemistry, Biosynthesis of Novel Polyunsaturated Odd-Carbon Dicarboxylic Acids as new Polymer Feedstocks