2010/2011 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 4)

Category 1:  Biofuels and Bioenergy

Reference Methods for Detailed Quantitative Analysis of Bio-Oils Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC)
Principal Investigator:  Stephen Reichenbach, Computer Science and Engineering
PI web page:   Stephen Reichenbach Webpage
Abstract:  401 Reichenbach Abstract
Poster:  Comparative Analysis of Peak Detection Techniques for Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

Category 2:  Carbon Cycle Research that Helps Energy Related Industries Respond to Benefit from Federal Climate Change Initiative

Nanostructure Design of More Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide
Principal Investigator:  Xiao Cheng Zeng, Chemistry
PI Web page:  Xiao Cheng Zeng Webpage
Abstract:   402 Xiao Cheng Zeng Abstract

Category 3: Improved Efficiency of Power Generation and Distribution Systems

Optimum Maintenance Strategies for Improving Reliability, Efficiency and Safety of Wind Plants
Principal Investigator:  Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering
PI web page: Sohrab Asgarpoor Webpage
Abstract: 403 Sohrab Asgarpoor Abstract
Poster: Reliability Assessment of Wind Farms

 REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures on Urban Sites for the Generation and Transmission of Renewable MW to End Usersin High Population Areas
Principal Investigator:  Chris Ford, Architecture
PI web page:  No longer at UNL
Abstract:  404 Chris Ford Astract
Poster: REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures

Energy Storage by Supercapacitors Based on Carbon Nano-Onions
Principal Investigator:  Yongfeng Lu, Electrical Engineering
PI web page: Yongfeng Lu Webpage
Abstract:   405 Yongfeng Lu Abstract

Category 4:  Wind, Solar, and Geothermal Energy

Nanostructured Low Work Function N-Electrodes for Polymer Photovoltaics
Principal Investigator:  Chin Li Cheung, Chemistry
PI web page:  Chin Li Cheung Webpage
Abstract:  406 Chin Li Cheung Abstract

Online Non-Intrusive Wind Turbine Fault Diagnosis
Principal Investigator:  Wei Qiao, Electrical Engineering
PI web page: Wei Qiao Webpage
Abstract: 407 Wei Qiao Abstract
Poster: Series-Connected Reconfigurable Multicell Battery:  A Novel Design Toward Smart Batteries

Investigating Windmills Safety and Reliability
Principal Investigator:  Michael Riley, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
PI web page:  No longer at UNL
Abstract:  Michael Riley Abstract

Development of an Inexpensive Manufacturing Method for High Efficiency Solar Cells Principal Investigator:  Rodney Soukup, Electrical Engineering
PI web page:  No longer at UNL
Abstract:   Rodney Soukup Abstract

Category 5:  Innovations that Increase Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Optimal Energy Efficient Design for Residential Construction and Renovation
Principal Investigator:  James Goedert, Construction Systems
PI web page:  James Goedert Webpage
Abstract:  James Goedert Abstract

A Combined High-Efficiency System for Buildings
Principal Investigator:  Haorong Li, Architectural Engineering
PI web page: Haorong Li Webpage
Abstract Haorong Li Abstract
Poster:   Innovative Wastewater Energy Recovery System