2011/12 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 5)

Category 1: Produce or store commercially useable energy supplies from renewable energy sources, such as wind, biomass, solar or geothermal.

Novel Supercapacitors Based on Nano-Structured Materials
Principal Investigator: Yongfeng Lu, Electrical Engineering
Co-Investigator(s):  Dennis Alexander, Electrical Engineering, and Andrzej Rajca, Chemistry
PI web page: Yongfeng Lu Webpage
Abstract: 501 Yongfeng Lu Abstract

Generation of Biomass-Derived Feedstocks for Biofuel and Bioenergy Production
Principal Investigator: Jiantao Guo, Chemistry
PI web page: Jiantao Guo Webpage
502 Jiantao Guo Abstract

Portable Hydroelectricity in a Micro/Nano-World
Principal Investigator: Li Tan, Engineering Mechanics
PI web page:  Li Tan Webpage
Abstract:  503 Li Tan Abstract
Poster:  Capillary Flow Guided Assembly of Microbeads for Quasiperiodic Stacking

Self-X:  An Intelligent Large Scale Battery System for Renewable Energy Storage
Principal Investigator: Song Ci, Computer and Electronics Engineering
PI web page:  Song Ci Webpage
Abstract: 509 Song Ci Abstract

A Two-Phase System for Solar Domestic Water Heating
Principal Investigator: Siu-Kit Lau, Architectural Engineering
PI web page:    No Longer at the University of Nebraska
510 Siu-Kit Lau Abstract

Category 2: Improve operating efficiency and use efficiencies in existing power plants, biofuel plants or wind energy facilities

The Shadow Price of CO2 Emissions for Nebraska Electricity Generating Plants
Principal Investigator: Lilyan Fulginiti,  Agricultural Economics
PI web page: Lilyan Fulginiti Webpage
504 Lilyan Fulginiti Abstract
Poster:  The Shadow Price of CO2 for Nebraska Electricity Plants

Micro/Nanomechanical Studies of Switchgrass Composition and Cellulose Breakdown Kinetics
Principal Investigator:  Joseph Turner, Engineering Mechanics
PI web page: Joseph Turner Webpage
Abstract: 505 Joseph Turner Abstract
Poster:  Quantifying the Viscoelastic Properties of Switchgrass Using Micro/Nano-Engineering Tools: Preliminary results

Category 3: Reduce or eliminate negative environmental impacts from energy production systems, including fossil fueled and nuclear power plants, Biofuel systems (crop production, ethanol conversion, co-product use), geothermal, and wind powered generation)

Optimizing Algae and Biogas Production in SUPER Loop Biorefineries
Principal Investigator:   Galen Erickson, Animal Science
PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage
506 Galen Erickson Abstract
Poster: Comparing Dry, Wet, or Modified Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on Feedlot Cattle Performance

Integrated Systems for CO2 Capture, Anaerobic Digestion, and algae Production
Principal Investigator:   George Oyler, Biochemistry
PI web page:  PI no longer at UNL.
Abstract:  508 George Oyler Abstract

Nanostructured Design of Catalysts for Converting Glycerol to Value Added Chemicals
Principal Investigator:   Xiao Cheng Zeng, Chemistry
PI web page: Xiao Cheng Zeng Webpage
Abstract: 511 Xiao Zeng Abstract


Category 4:  Improve energy efficiency and conservation in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors.

Residential Electricity Management and Control Mediated by Occupancy Sensor Networks
Principal Investigator:
Dale Tiller,  Architectural Engineering
PI web page: Dale Tiller Webpage
507 Dale Tiller Abstract