2008-2009 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 3)

Category 1.  Identification, technical assessment and feasibility of cost-effective options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power generation by Nebraska’s public power districts.

Category 2:  Theoretical and applied research on validating opportunities to offset greenhouse gas emissions in Nebraska, especially from the agricultural and biofuel industries

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ethanol with Byproduct Feeding
Principal Investigator:  Galen Erickson, Animal Science
Co-Investigator(s):  Terry Klopfenstein, Animal Science, Adam Liska, Agronomy and Horticulture
PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage
Abstract: 301 Galen Erickson Abstract

Western Nebraska Perennial Grass Production Under Variable Water for Ethanol Production
Principal Investigator: Gary Hergert, Panhandle Research and Extension Center
PI web page: Gary Hergert Webpage
Abstract: 302 Gary Hergert Abstract

Opportunities for Nebraska in Future Carbon Markets
Principal Investigator:  Richard Perrin,  Agricultural Economics
PI web page:  Richard Perrin Webpage
Abstract: 303 Richard Perrin Abstract

Category 3:    Options for storage of off-peak energy from power plants and wind turbines and reducing the cost of distributed power generation in rural areas.

Modeling and Simulation of the Effects of Dispersed and Distributed Generation Dynamics on Electric Distribution Networks
Principal Investigator: Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering
PI web page: Sohrab Asgarpoor Webpage
Abstract: 304 Sohrab Asgarpoor Abstract

A Route to Store Off-Peak Energy:  New Hydrogen Storage materials and synthetic Strategy to Optimize Hydrogen Adsorption
Principal Investigator:  Wonyoung Choe, Chemistry
PI web page:  No longer at the University of Nebraska
Abstract: 305 Wonyoung Choe Abstract

Category 4:  Basic and applied (pilot-scale) research on bioenergy or biofuel production from cellulosic biomass or other biomass resources (e.g. algal systems, wood, municipal waste, livestock manure, etc.) via biological or thermo-chemical conversion

Carbon-Negative Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis of Biomass
Principal Investigator:  David Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
PI web page: David Jones Webpage
Abstract: 306 David Jones Abstract

Generation of Bioenergy from Solid Agricultural Wastes with Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
Principal Investigator:  Tian C. Zhang, Civil Engineering
PI web page:  Tian Zhang Webpage
Abstract:  Tian Zhang Abstract

Category 5:  Research on improving the efficiency of catalysts and enzymes for converting biomass-derived carbon molecules to biofuels and/or other high value bio-based products

Establishing the Synthetic Potential of Geothermal Dehydrogenases
Principal Investigator:  David Berkowitz, Chemistry
PI web page David Berkowitz Webpage
Abstract:  David Berkowitz Abstract

High Efficiency Acetylation of Biomass and Co-Products of Ethanol Production for Value-Added Bioproducts
Principal Investigator:  Yiqi Yang; Textiles, Clothing and Design
PI web page:  Yiqi Yang Webpage
Abstract:  Yiqi Yang Abstract