2018/2019 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 12)

Biosynthesis of Novel Polyunsaturated Odd-Carbon Dicarboxylic Acids as New Polymer Feedstocks
Principal Investigator:  Liangcheng Du, Department of Chemistry
Co-PI: Patrick Dussault, Department of Chemistry;  Yiqi Yang, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design
PI web page:  Liangcheng Du Webpage
Abstract:  Liangcheng Du Abstract

Development of a Hybrid‐Electric Powertrain Platform for Off‐Road Heavy Equipment
Principal Investigator:  Wei Qiao, Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI web page: Wei Qiao Webpage
Abstract:  Wei Qiao Abstract

Microbial electrosynthetic Conversion of CO2 and Carbonates into Biogas and Bioproducts
Principal Investigator:  Karrie Weber, School of Biological Sciences
Co-PI: Nicole Buan, Department of Biochemistry
PI web page:  Karrie Weber Webpage
Abstract:  Karrie Weber Abstract

Conducting Spinel Materials for Energy Storage Applications
Principal Investigator:  Xiaoshan Xu, Physics and Astronomy
Co-PI: Xia Hong and Takashi Komesu, Physics and Astronomy
PI web page:  Xiaoshan Xu Webpage
Abstract:  Xiaoshan Xu Abstract

Photovoltaic Materials and Device Characterization System
Principal Investigator:  Natale Ianno, Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI web page: Natale Ianno webpage
Abstract:  Natale Ianno Abstract