2014/2015 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 8)

Co-Synthesis of Bioenergy Proteins To Increase Microbial Biofuel Competitiveness
Principal Investigator:  Paul Blum, School of Biological Sciences Co-PI:  Joseph Turner, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
PI web page:  Paul Blum Webpage
Abstract: 801 Paul Blum Abstract

Conversion of CO2 and Carbonate to Methane and (bio) Isoprene
Principal Investigator:  Nicole Buan, Department of Biochemistry
PI web page: Nicole Buan Webpage
Abstract: 802 Nicole Buan Abstract

Numerical Modeling of the Formation of Micro/Nanostructures on Metals Using Femtosecond laser Surface Processing
Principal Investigator:  George Gogos, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Co-PIs:  Dennis Alexander, Electrical Engineering; Sidy Ndao, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and Jeffrey Shield, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
PI web page:  George Gogos Webpage
Abstract: 803 George Gogos Abstract

Scalable and Facile Production of Conformal Graphene as Low-Cost Transparent Electrodes for Organic Photovoltaics
Principal Investigator:  Xiao Cheng Zeng, Department of Chemistry
PI web page:  Xiao Zeng Webpage
Abstract: 804 Xiao Zeng Abstract