Projects by Subject: Fuel Cells

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  1. Generation of Bioenergy from Solid Agricultural Wastes with Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
    Principal Investigator:  Tian C. Zhang, Civil Engineering
    PI web page:  Tian Zhang Web Page
    Abstract:  Tian Zhang Abstract
  2. Highly Efficient and Durable Catalysts for Fuel Cell Applications
    Principal Investigator:  Jian Zhang, Department of Chemistry
    PI web page: Jian Zhang Web Page
    Abstract:  601 Jian Zhang Abstract
    Poster:  Porous Organic Frameworks for Energy Related Applications
  3. Rapid Screening Micro Fuel Cells for Portable Electronics
    Principal Investigator: Li Tan, Engineering Mechanics
    Co-Investigator(s): Zhaoyan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering
    PI web page:  Li Tan Web Page
    Abstract: 106 Li Tan Abstract