2018 Research Fair

The 2018 Graduate Student Poster Session, a celebration highlighting graduate student research and creative activity, was held on April 10, 2018 as part of the campus-wide 2018 UNL Spring Research Fair. The purpose of this yearly event is to give students the opportunity to showcase their research or creative activity; to communicate their results to other students, faculty and staff; and to learn about other areas of research and creative activity. Eight posters related to Energy Center projects were exhibited at the event. Dr. Michael Nastasi, Director of the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research, and Alan Dostal and John Swanson, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) congratulated the students. (NPPD is a collaborator with the Energy Center). The Research Fair is sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Graduate Studies.  2018 UNL Research Fair Composite of all energy center participants.

Undergraduate Poster

Asleigh Herrera, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Heterogeneous Anion Exchane membrans for Electrochemical Applications

Graduate Posters

Dongyue Xie, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Strength and Ductility of Fe-amorphous SiOC Composites

Fei Wang and Xueliang Yan, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys for Next-Generation Nuclear Energy Systems

Joshua Mueller and Howard Willett, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
Engineering Pseudomonas putida as a Chassis for the Bio-Production of Small Molecules from Renewable Feedstocks

Mingyu Gong, Xinyan Xie, Jeffrey Shield, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Interface Facilitated Crystal Reorientation of Mg Nanolayers in Mg-Nb Multilayers

Nick Murdakes, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, A Study of the Anion Conducting Ionomer Processing and Corresponding Properties for Membrane-Based Energy Storage Devices

Robert Swyka,  Virenda Tiwari, Gaurav Kudalkar, Peter Madzelan, Department of Chemistry,  Use of Hybrid Chemo/Biocatalysis to Access Value-Added Building Blocks fromn Lignocellulose  (Poster not available for viewing)

Soodabeh Azadehranjbar, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Characterization of Light-Weight Mg-Metal Nanolaminated Composites

Wayz Khan, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Highly Flexible Ionomer Membrane for Improved Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Performance

Xuejing Shen, Tao Sun, Zhanjun Wu, Li Tan,Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Materials Innovation for Capacitor-Like Aluminum Ion Batteries