2008-2009 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 3)

Category 1.  Identification, technical assessment and feasibility of cost-effective options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power generation by Nebraska’s public power districts.

Category 2:  Theoretical and applied research on validating opportunities to offset greenhouse gas emissions in Nebraska, especially from the agricultural and biofuel industries

  • Western Nebraska Perennial Grass Production Under Variable Water for Ethanol Production
    Principal Investigator: Gary Hergert, Panhandle Research and Extension Center
    PI web page: Gary Hergert Webpage
    Abstract: 302 Gary Hergert Abstract

Category 3:    Options for storage of off-peak energy from power plants and wind turbines and reducing the cost of distributed power generation in rural areas.

Category 4:  Basic and applied (pilot-scale) research on bioenergy or biofuel production from cellulosic biomass or other biomass resources (e.g. algal systems, wood, municipal waste, livestock manure, etc.) via biological or thermo-chemical conversion

  • Carbon-Negative Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis of Biomass
    Principal Investigator:  David Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page: David Jones Webpage
    Abstract: 306 David Jones Abstract
  • Generation of Bioenergy from Solid Agricultural Wastes with Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
    Principal Investigator:  Tian C. Zhang, Civil Engineering
    PI web page:  Tian Zhang Webpage
    Abstract:  Tian Zhang Abstract

Category 5:  Research on improving the efficiency of catalysts and enzymes for converting biomass-derived carbon molecules to biofuels and/or other high value bio-based products