2015/2016 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 9)

An Optimal Dynamic Operation Model for Participation in the Southwest Power Pool’s Energy Market
Principal Investigator:  Wei Qiao, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-PIs:  Yijia Lin, Department of Finance, and Liyan Qu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI web page:  Wei Qiao Webpage
Abstract: 901 Wei Qiao Abstract

Implementation of Synthetic Biology for Next-Generation Biofuel Crop Improvement
Principal Investigator:  Edgar Cahoon, Department of Biochemistry
Co-PI:  Thomas Clemente, Agronomy and Horticulture
PI web page: Edgar Cahoon Webpage
Abstract:  902 Edgar Cahoon Abstract

Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Cyclic Carbonates for Polymer Synthesis
Principal Investigator:  Chin Li “Barry” Cheung, Department of Chemistry
Co-PI:  Xiao Zeng, Department of Chemistry
PI web page:  Barry Cheung Webpage
Abstract:  903 Barry Cheung Abstract

Integrating Agricultural, Algal, and Bioenergy Systems for Nebraska: Fruition of the SUPER Loop
Principal Investigator:  Galen Erickson, Animal Science Department
Co-PIs:  Yufeng Ge and Amy Millmier Schmidt, Biological Systems Engineering
PI web page:  Galen Erickson Webpage
Abstract:  904 Galen Erickson Abstract

Design and Development of High-Efficiency, Low-Cost Perovskite Solar Cells
Principal Investigator:  Jinsong Huang, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Co-PIs:  Xiao Zeng, Department of Chemistry, and Yongfeng Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
PI web page:  Jinsong Huang Webpage
Abstract:  905 Jinsong Huang Abstract

Mechanisms of Action of Activators of Algal Biomass Production and Lipid Accumulation Grown at Pilot Scale on Anaerobic Digestate of Agricultural Waste Products
Principal Investigator: Wayne Riekhof, School of Biological Sciences
Co-PI:  Concetta DiRusso, Department of Biochemistry
PI web page: Wayne Riekhof Webpage
Abstract:  906 Wayne Riekhof Abstract

Biosynthesis of Ethylene Glycol from Renewable Resources
Principal Investigator: Jiantao Guo, Department of Chemistry
Co-PIs:  Mark Wilson, Department of Biochemistry, and Wei Niu, Department of Chemistry
PI web page:  Jiantao Guo Webpage
Abstract: 907 Jiantao Guo Abstract