2013 Research Fair

The 2013 Graduate Student Poster Session, a celebration highlighting graduate student research and creative activity, was held on April 10, 2013 as part of the campus-wide 2013 Spring UNL Research Fair. The purpose of this yearly event is to give students the opportunity to showcase their research or creative activity; to communicate their results to other students, faculty and staff; and to learn about other areas of research and creative activity. The event is sponsored by the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Graduate Studies.   2013 Poster Session – all Energy Center participants

Shashi Poddar, Physics & Astronomy,  Measurement of Flexoelectric Coefficient in the Relaxor Ferroelectric Terpolymer P(VDF:TrFe:CFE)

Andrea Watson, Animal Science, Methane Production via Anaerobic Digestion of Feedlot Manure

Jingzhi Lu, Chemistry, Porous Organic Frameworks for Energy Related Applications

Salman Kahrobaee, Electrical Engineering,  Optimum Planning and Operation of Compressed Air Energy Storage with Wind Energy Integration

Christopher Wilson and Corey Kruse, Electrical Engineering,  Application of Femtosecond Laser Fabricated Multiscale Structures in Electrolysis and Heat Transfer

Ehsan Nazarian and Yin Guo,  Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Robust Hourly Cooling Load Prediction Based on the Historical Weather and Load Data

Baodong Mao, Mechanical & Materials Engineering,  Zinc Alloyed Ion Pyrite Nanocrystals for Band Gap Broadening

Jingfeng Song, Physics & Astronomy,  Polarization Mapping in Ferroelectric Polymer Thin Films by Pyroelectric Scanning Microscopy