2022/2023 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 16)

Robust Topologically Protected Energy -Efficient On-Chip Microlaser for Secure Data Center Communication Systems

Principal Investigator: Wei Bao, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-PI: Christos Argyropoulos, Electrical & Computer Engineering

PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/ece/faculty/wei-warren-bao/  

Abstract: 20-701-Wei-Bao-Abstract

Diamond-Coated Metallic Structures for Molten-Salt Thermal-Energy Storage Systems

Principal Investigator: Bai Cui, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Co-PI: Yongfeng Lu, Electrical & Computer Engineering

PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/mme/faculty/bai-cui/

Abstract: 20-702-Bai-Cui-abstract

Ultra-Efficient Power Module for MVDC Solid-State Circuit Breakers

Principal Investigator: Jun Wang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-PI: Liyan Qu, Electrical & Computer Engineering

PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/ece/faculty/jun-wang/

Abstract: 20-703-Jun-Wang-abstract

 Harnessing Domain Formation in Ferroelectric Oxides for Weather- and Environment-Resilient Energy Applications

Principal Investigator: Xia Hong, Physics and Astronomy

Co-PI: Xiaoshan Xu, Physics and Astronomy

PI web page: https://www.unl.edu/physics/xia-hong

Abstract: 20-704-Xia-Hong-abstract

Protein Fibers from Sorghum Distillers Grains for Value-Additions to Sorghum-Based Biofuel Industry

Principal Investigator: Yiqi Yang, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design

Co-PI: Bingnan Mu, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design

PI web page: https://cehs.unl.edu/tmfd/faculty/yiqi-yang/

Abstract: 20-705-Yiqi-Yang-abstract

A Novel Framework for Cybersecurity Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Sector OT Communications Technologies

Principal Investigator: Hamid Sharif, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-PI: Michael Hempel, Electrical & Computer Engineering

PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/ece/faculty/hamid-sharif/

Abstract: 20-706-Hamid-Sharif-abstract

Flexible Secondary-Life Battery for Grid Energy Storage

Principal Investigator: Wei Qiao, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Co-PI: Liyan Qu, Electrical & Computer Engineering

PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/ece/faculty/wei-qiao/

Abstract: 20-707-Wei-Qiao-abstract

 Next-Generation Laser-Driven Lightsources and Imaging Modalities for Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of the Energy Infrastructure

Principal Investigator: Matthias Fuchs, Physics & Astronomy

Co-PI: Bradley Shadwick, Physics & Astronomy

PI web page: https://www.unl.edu/physics/matthias-fuchs

Abstract: 20-708-Matthias-Fuchs-abstract