2021 Summer Undergraduate Internship Projects

For the eighth year, the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research (NCESR) offered a summer internship opportunity in energy sciences research to undergraduate students in the amount of up to $5,000 for the summer of 2021.

The four recipients of the 2021 summer undergraduate internship were Noah Berkenwald, majoring in Chemical Engineering; Alisson Ntwali, majoring in Biological Systems Engineering; Pranav Palli, majoring in Computer Science with a project in the School of Biological Sciences; and Jeannette Uzamukunda, majoring in Integrated Sciences with a project in Community and Regional Planning.

Each recipient prepared a poster to describe the research projects. The posters were presented in a video as part of the Nebraska Summer Research Symposium on August 4, 2021. The symposium was sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies, and Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

2021 Summer Undergraduate Posters related to Energy Center Projects

Alisson Ntwali, Department of Biological Systems Engineering

A Review and Estimation of the Economic Performance of Off-Grid Solar in Rwanda-Poster

Noah Berkenwald, Department of Chemistry

Exploiting a Remarkable Enzyme – a Green Chemistry Route into Taxotere Analogue Side Chains

Pranav Palli, School of Biological Sciences

Transcriptome Analysis to Increase Soybean Oil – a Biofuel Source

Jeannette Uzamukunda, Community and Regional Planning

Implications of Bioethanol Production on Water Quality in Nebraska