2021/2022 Energy Research Grants (Cycle 15)

Strategies to Sequester Carbon and Improve Soil Productivity in
Nebraska: Biochar and Cover Crops
Principal Investigator: Humberto Blanco, Agronomy and Horticulture
Co-PI: Sabrina Ruis, Agronomy and Horticulture
PI web page:  https://agronomy.unl.edu/blanco
Abstract: Humberto Blanco abstract

Utilization of Biochar as a Methane Management Strategy in Cattle
Principal Investigator:  Andrea Watson, Animal Science
Co-PI: Galen Erickson, Animal Science
PI web page: https://agronomy.unl.edu/blanco
Abstract:  Andrea Watson abstract

Sibel Irmak project cancelled due to PI leaving UNL.

Co-gasification of DDGS and Biomass for Hydrothermal Hydrogen Gas Production
Principal Investigator:  Sibel Irmak, Biological Systems Engineering
Co-PI: Mark R. Wilkins, Biological Systems Engineering
PI web page: https://engineering.unl.edu/bse/faculty/sibel-irmak/
Abstract: Sibel Irmak abstract

Charge Carrier-Lattice Interactions in Halide Perovskite Soft Semiconductor Devices
Principal Investigator:  Yinsheng Guo, Chemistry
Co-PI:  Congrui Grace Jin, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Co-PI:  Jun Dai, Department of Chemistry
PI web page: https://chem.unl.edu/yinsheng-guo
Abstract:  Yinsheng Guo abstract

Application of Biochar as Carbon Sequestering and Beneficial Additive in
Principal Investigator:  Jiong Hu, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Co-PI:  Adam Smith, Nebraska Forest Service
PI web page:  https://engineering.unl.edu/civil/faculty/jiong-hu/
Abstract:  Jiong Hu abstract

Optimization of Biosoprene Production from Renewable and Captured Carbon
Principal Investigator:  Nicole Buan, Biochemistry
Co-PI: Karrie Weber, School of Biological Sciences
PI web page:  https://biochem.unl.edu/nicole-buan
Abstract:  Nicole Buan abstract

Strain-Engineering Enhancement of Energy Efficiency of Solar Cells Based on Organic
Halide Perovskites
Principal Investigator:  Alexei Gruverman, Physics and Astronomy
Co-PI:  Alexey Lipatov, Chemistry
PI web page:  https://unlcms.unl.edu/cas/physics/gruverman/node/1
Abstract:  Alexi Gruverman abstract

Low Temperature Titanium Extraction from Low-Cost Pigments (TiO2)
Principal Investigator:  Li Tan, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Co-PI:  Bai Cui, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
PI web page:  https://engineering.unl.edu/mme/li-tan/
Abstract:  Li Tan abstract