Projects by Subject: Co-Products

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  1.  Conversion of Lignin from Lignocellulosic Biomass into Biodegradable Plastic
    Principal Investigator:  Rajib Saha, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI:  Mark R. Wilkins, Industrial Agricultural Products Center
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Rajib Saha Abstract and Website Adderess
  2. Reducing Energy Needs for Hazardous Air Treatment Emitted During Ethanol Production
    Principal Investigator:  Bruce Dvorak, Civil Engineering
    Co-PI:  Mohamed Dahab, Civil Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Bruce Dvorak (Aly Hassan) Abstract and Website Address
  3. Lignin Based Ion Conducting Materials for Energy Conversion/Storage Device
    Principal Investigator:  Shudipto Dishari, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI: Mark Wilkins, Departments of Biological Systems Engineering/Food Science & Technology
    PI web page:
    Abstract: Dishari Abstract and Web Address
  4. Developing a Green Biorefinery Approach for Rural Processing of High-Value Camelina and Sorghum Co-Products
    Principal Investigator:  Ozan Ciftci, Department of Food Science & Technology
    Co-PI:  Edgar Cahoon, Department of Biochemistry
    Co-PI:  Kaustav Majumder, Department of Food Science & Technology
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Ciftci Abstract and Website Address
  5. Co-Gasification of DDGS and Biomass for Hydrothermal Hydrogen Gas Production
    Principal Investigator:  Sibel Irmak, Department of Biological Systems Engineering
    Co-PI:  Mark Wilkins,  Department of Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Sibel Irmak abstract