Projects by Subject: Wind

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  1. Enzymes for Enhancing Ethanol Production from Lignocellulose
    Principal Investigator:  James L. Van Etten
    Co-Investigators:  Vicki L. Schlegel, Food Sciences and Technology; Kenneth Nickerson, Biological Sciences
    PI web page: James Van Etten Web Page
    Abstract: James Van Etten Abstract
  2. Investigating Windmills Safety and Reliability
    Principal Investigator:  Michael Riley, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
    PI web page:  No longer at UNL
    Abstract:  Michael Riley Abstract
  3. Online Non-Intrusive Wind Turbine Fault Diagnosis
    Principal Investigator:  Wei Qiao, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page: Wei Qiao Web Page
    Abstract: 407 Wei Qiao Abstract
    Poster: Series-Connected Reconfigurable Multicell Battery:  A Novel Design Toward Smart Batteries