Projects by Subject: Solar / Photovoltaics

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  1. Artificial Photosynthesis:  Mimicking Nature’s Electronics in a Physical System for CO2 Fixation by Light
    Principal Investigator:  Ravi Saraf, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
    Co-PIs:  Xiao Zeng, Department of Chemistry, and Wei Niu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page:  Ravi Saraf Webpage
    Abstract: 20-105 Ravi Saraf Abstract
  2. Charge Carrier-Lattice Interactions in Halide Perovskite Soft Semiconductor Devices
    Principal Investigator:  Yinsheng Guo, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PI:  Liyan Qu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract: Yinsheng Guo abstract
  3. Controls for Biomass Heating and Impact on Greenhouse Profitability
    Principal Investigator:  George E. Meyer
    Co-Principal Investigator:  Francis J. (John) Hay, Assistant Extension Educator
    PI web page: George Meyer Web Page
    Abstract: George Meyer Abstract
  4. Developing Efficient Pyrite Photovoltaic Cells
    Principal Investigator:  Jinsong Huang, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    PI web page:  Jinsong Huang Web Page
    Abstract:  701 Jinsong Huang Abstract
  5. Development of an Inexpensive Manufacturing Method for High Efficiency Solar Cells Principal Investigator:  Rodney Soukup, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page:  No longer at UNL
    Abstract:   Rodney Soukup Abstract
  6. Doping Metal-Chalcogenide Quantum Dot Solar Cells for Enhanced Device Performance
    Principal Investigator:  Takashi Komesu, Physics and Astronomy
    Co-PI:  Tula Paudel, Physics and Astronomy
    PI web page:
    Abstract: Komesu Abstract
  7. Grid Reliability and Resilience Enhancement through Advanced Modeling and
    Autonomous Grid‐Forming Control for Photovoltaic Systems
    Principal Investigator:  Wei Qiao, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Co-PI:  Liyan Qu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract: 20-501 Wei Qiao Abstract
  8. High-Performance Organic Solar Cells
    Principal Investigator: Stephen Ducharme, Physics and Astronomy
    Co-Investigators:  Jinsong Huang, Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Kevin Cole, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    PI web page: Stephen Ducharme Web Page
    Abstract: 607 Stephen Ducharme Abstract
  9. Interface-Engineered Materials for High-Efficiency All-Organics Solar Cells
    Principal Investigator:  Axel Enders, Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Co-PI:  Peter Dowben, Department of Physics and Astronomy
    PI web page:  Axel Enders Webpage
    Abstract: 20-102 Axel Enders Abstract
  10. Nanostructured Low Work Function N-Electrodes for Polymer Photovoltaics
    Principal Investigator:  Chin Li Cheung, Chemistry
    PI web page:  Chin Li Cheung Web Page
    Abstract:  406 Chin Li Cheung Abstract
  11. Near-Field (Nano-Gap) Concentrated Solar Thermophotovoltaic Microsystem
    Principal Investigator:  Sidy Ndao, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    PI web page:  Sidy Ndao Web Page
    Abstract:  705 Sidy Ndao Abstract
  12. Scalable and Facile Production of Conformal Graphene as Low-Cost Transparent Electrodes for Organic Photovoltaics
    Principal Investigator:  Xiao Cheng Zeng, Department of Chemistry
    PI web page:  Xiao Zeng Web Page
    Abstract: 804 Xiao Zeng Abstract
  13. Strain-Engineering Enhancement of Energy Efficiency of Solar Cells Based on Organic Halide Perovskites
    Principal Investigator:  Alexei Gruverman, Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Co-PI:  Alexey Liptov, Department of Chemistry
    PI web page:
    Abstract: Alexi Gruverman abstract