Projects by Subject: Hydrogen

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  1. A Route to Store Off-Peak Energy:  New Hydrogen Storage materials and synthetic Strategy to Optimize Hydrogen Adsorption
    Principal Investigator:  Wonyoung Choe, Chemistry
    PI web page:  No longer at the University of Nebraska
    Abstract: 305 Wonyoung Choe Abstract
  2. Enhanced Hydrogen Electrolysis and Heat Transfer Using Micro/Nano Structured Surfaces
    Principal Investigator:  Dennis Alexander, Electrical Engineering
     PI web page: Dennis Alexander Web Page
    Abstract: 602 Dennis Alexander Abstract
  3. Hydrogen Production and Storage Using Wind and Nuclear Sources
    Principal Investigator: Jerry L. Hudgins, Electrical Engineering Co-Investigator(s): Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering, Dean Patterson, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page: Jerry Hudgins Web Page
    Abstract:  109 Jerry Hudgins Abstract
  4. Selective H2 Separation Using Mixed Matrix Membranes and Its Utilization
    Principal Investigator:  Chris Cornelius, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI:  Siamak Nejati,  Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Cornelius Abstract
  5. Photocatalytic Corrosive Nanostructured Electrode to Split Water
    Principal Investigator (PI): Ravi Saraf, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI: Yanan (Laura) Wang, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    PI Webpage:
    Abstract: 20-803-Ravi-Saraf-Abstract