Projects by Subject: Energy Efficiency and Energy Storage

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  1. A Route to Store Off-Peak Energy:  New Hydrogen Storage materials and synthetic Strategy to Optimize Hydrogen Adsorption
    Principal Investigator:  Wonyoung Choe, Chemistry
    PI web page:  No longer at the University of Nebraska
    Abstract: 305 Wonyoung Choe Abstract
  2. Conducting Spinel Materials for Energy Storage Applications
    Principal Investigator,  Xiaoshan Xu:  Physics and Astronomy
    PI web page: Xiaoshan Xu web page
    Abstract:  Xiaoshan Xu Abstract
  3. Design and Development of High-Efficiency, Low-Cost Perovskite Solar Cells
    Principal Investigator:  Jinsong Huang, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    Co-PIs:  Xiao Zeng, Department of Chemistry, and Yongfeng Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    PI web page:  Jinsong Huang Webpage
    Abstract:  905 Jinsong Huang Abstract
  4. Energy Storage by Supercapacitors Based on Carbon Nano-Onions
    Principal Investigator:  Yongfeng Lu, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page: Yongfeng Lu Web Page
    Abstract:   Cycle 4-Yongfeng-Lu-Abstract
  5. Evaluation of Energy Storage Strategies for Integration of Renewable into the Grid
    Principal Investigator: Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page: Sohrab Asgarpoor Web Page
    Abstract: Cycle 6-Sohrab-Asgarpoor-Abstract
  6. Heat Pump Grain Storage System Development and Demonstration
    Principal Investigator:  David Yuill, Architectural Engineering
    Co-PI:  Mary-Grace Danao, Food Science and Technology
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Yuill Abstract and Website Address
  7. Low Temperature Titanium Extraction from Low-Cost Pigments (TiO2)
    Principal Investigator:  Li Tan, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    Co-PI:  Bai Cui, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Li Tan abstract
  8. Modeling and Simulation of the Effects of Dispersed and Distributed Generation Dynamics on Electric Distribution Networks
    Principal Investigator: Sohrab Asgarpoor, Electrical Engineering
    PI web page: Sohrab Asgarpoor Web Page
    Abstract: Cycle 3-Sohrab-Asgarpoor-Abstract
  9. Passivated Liquid Alloy s Hybrid Anode for membrane-Free, Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries
    Principal Investigator:  Li Tan, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department
    Co-PIs:  Bai Cui and Florin Bobaru, Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department
    PI web page:  Li Tan Webpage
    Abstract: Cycle 10-Li-Tan-Abstract
  10. Storing Renewable Energy for Nebraska and Beyond Using Vanadium Flow Batteries
    Principal Investigator:  Chris Cornelius, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI:  Vitali Alexandrov, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page: Chris Cornelius webpage
    Abstract: Cycle 11-Chris-Cornelius-Abstract
  11. Understanding Real-Time Irrigation Behavior to Improve Energy Efficiency in Agriculture
    Principal Investigator:  Nicholas Brozovic, Agricultural Economics
    Co-PI: Taro Mieno and Karina Schoengold, Agricultural Economics
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Cycle 13-Nicholas-Brozovic-Abstract
  12. Diamond-Coated Metallic Structures for Molten-Salt Thermal-Energy Storage Systems
    Principal Investigator: Bai Cui, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    Co-PI: Yongfeng Lu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract: Cycle 16-Bai-Cui-abstract
  13. Flexible Secondary-Life Battery for Grid Energy Storage
    Principal Investigator: Wei Qiao, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Co-PI:  Liyan Qu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Cycle 16-Wei-Qiao-abstract
  14. Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Magnets for Power Systems ((AM)2PS)
    Principal Investigator (PI): Jeff Shield, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    Co-PI: Qilin Guo, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
    PI Webpage:
    Abstract: Cycle 17-Jeff-Shield-Abstract
  15. Biohydrogen systems for electricity and transportation
    Principal Investigator (PI): Paul Blum, School of Biological Sciences
    Co-PI: Nicole Buan, Biochemistry
    PI Webpage:
    Abstract: Cycle 17-Paul-Blum-Abstract