Projects by Subject: Carbon

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  1. Carbon-Negative Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis of Biomass
    Principal Investigator:  David Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page: David Jones Web Page
    Abstract: 306 David Jones Abstract
  2. Collaborative Carbon Capture Research
    Principal Investigator:  Yasar Demirel, Department of  Chemical and  Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page:  Yasar Demirel Web Page
    Abstract:   Yasar Demirel abstract
  3. Color Indicated Rapid Carbon Capture in MetalOrganic Frameworks
    Principal Investigator: Li Tan, Mechanical and Materials Engineering 
    PI web page:  Li Tan Web Page
    Abstract:  605 Li Tan Abstract
  4. Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Cyclic Carbonates for Polymer Synthesis
    Principal Investigator:  Chin Li “Barry” Cheung, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PI:  Xiao Zeng, Department of Chemistry
    PI web page:  Barry Cheung Webpage
    Abstract:  903 Barry Cheung Abstract
  5. Nanostructure Design of More Efficient Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide
    Principal Investigator:  Xiao Cheng Zeng, Chemistry
    PI Web page:  Xiao Cheng Zeng Web Page
    Abstract:   402 Xiao Cheng Zeng Abstract
  6. Opportunities for Nebraska in Future Carbon Markets
    Principal Investigator:  Richard Perrin,  Agricultural Economics
    PI web page:  Richard Perrin Web Page
    Abstract303 Richard Perrin Abstract
  7. Portable Hydroelectricity in a Micro/Nano-World
    Principal Investigator: Li Tan, Engineering Mechanics
    PI web page:  Li Tan Web Page
    Abstract:  503 Li Tan Abstract
    Poster:  Capillary Flow Guided Assembly of Microbeads for Quasiperiodic Stacking
  8. The Shadow Price of CO2 Emissions for Nebraska Electricity Generating Plants
    Principal Investigator: Lilyan Fulginiti,  Agricultural Economics
    PI web page: Lilyan Fulginiti Web Page
    504 Lilyan Fulginiti Abstract
    Poster:  The Shadow Price of CO2 for Nebraska Electricity Plants
  9. Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Oxygenates by Plasma Catalysis
    Principal Investigator:  Barry Cheung, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PI:  Vitaly Alexandrov, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Cheung Abstract and Website Address