Projects by Subject: Biofuels

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  1. Application of Biochar as Carbon Sequestering and Beneficial Additive in
    Principal Investigator:  Jiong Hu, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Co-PI:  Adam Smith, Nebraska Forest Service
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Jiong Hu abstract
  2. Biochemical Analysis of Microalgae for Enhanced Oil Synthesis and Biomass in a Waste Water System
    Principal Investigator:  Paul Black, Department of Biochemistry
    Co-PIs:  Yasar Demirel, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department and Wayne Riekhof, School of Biological Sciences
    PI web page:  Paul Black Webpage
    Abstract: 20-106 Paul Black Abstract
  3. Biosynthesis of Ethylene Glycol from Renewable Resources
    Principal Investigator: Jiantao Guo, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PIs:  Mark Wilson, Department of Biochemistry, and Wei Niu, Department of Chemistry
    PI web page:  Jiantao Guo Webpage
    Abstract: 907 Jiantao Guo Abstract
  4. Biosynthesis of Novel Polyunsaturated Odd-Carbon Dicarboxylic Acids as New Polymer Feedstocks
    Principal Investigator:  Liangcheng Du, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PI: Patrick Dussault, Department of Chemistry;  Yiqi Yang, Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design
    PI web page:  Liangcheng Du Webpage
    Abstract:  Liangcheng Du Abstract
  5. Carbon-Negative Biofuels from Gasification and Pyrolysis of Biomass
    Principal Investigator:  David Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page: David Jones Webpage
    Abstract: 306 David Jones Abstract
  6. Co-Synthesis of Bioenergy Proteins To Increase Microbial Biofuel Competitiveness
    Principal Investigator:  Paul Blum, School of Biological Sciences Co-PI:  Joseph Turner, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    PI web page:  Paul Blum Webpage
    Abstract: 801 Paul Blum Abstract
  7. Developing a Break-through in Methane Production from Anaerobic Digestion of Open-Lot Feedlot Manure
    Principal Investigator:  Galen Erickson,  Department of Animal Science
    PI web page:  Galen Erickson Webpage
    Abstract:  703 Galen Erickson Abstract
  8. Dried Distillers Grains as a Source of Supplemental Energy and Protein for Developing Replacement Heifers
    Principal Investigator: Rick N. Funston, West Central Research and Extension Center
    Co-Investigator(s): Andrea S. Cupp, Animal Science, Rick J. Rasby, Animal Science
    PI web page: Rick Funston Webpage
    PI Abstract: 113 Rick Funston Abstract
  9. Establishing the Synthetic Potential of Geothermal Dehydrogenases
    Principal Investigator:  David Berkowitz, Chemistry
    PI web page David Berkowitz Webpage
    Abstract:  David Berkowitz Abstract
  10. Ethanol as an Energy Source and Terminal Reductant: Exploitation of Thermophilic Redox Enzymes in Catalyst Development and Screening
    Principal Investigator: David Berkowitz, Chemistry
    Co-Investigator(s): Paul Blum, School of Biological Sciences
    PI web page:  David Berkowitz Webpage
    Abstract:  101 David Berkowitz Abstract
  11. Ethanol: Utilization of By-Products
    Principal Investigator: Hossein Noureddini, Chemistry & Biomolecular Engineering
    PI web page: Hossein Noureddini Webpage
    Abstract:  103 Hossein Noureddini Abstract
  12. Exploiting the Synergy between Ethanol and Distillers Grains
    Principal Investigator: Galen Erickson, Animal Science Co-Investigator(s): Terry Klopfenstein, Animal Science
    PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage
    PI abstract:  111 Galen Erickson Abstract
  13. Exploring Microbial Metabolic Diversity for the Utilization of Lignin-Derived Aromatics
    Principal Investigator:  Wei Niu, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    Co-PI:  Joseph Barycki, Department of Biochemistry
    PI web page:  Wei Niu Webpage
    Abstract:  20-202 Wei Niu Abstract
  14. Generation of Bioenergy from Solid Agricultural Wastes with Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Technology
    Principal Investigator:  Tian C. Zhang, Civil Engineering
    PI web page:  Tian Zhang Webpage
    Abstract:  Tian Zhang Abstract
  15. Generation of Biomass-Derived Feedstocks for Biofuel and Bioenergy Production
    Principal Investigator: Jiantao Guo, Chemistry
    PI web page: Jiantao Guo Webpage
    502 Jiantao Guo Abstract
  16. High Efficiency Acetylation of Biomass and Co-Products of Ethanol Production for Value-Added Bioproducts
    Principal Investigator:  Yiqi Yang; Textiles, Clothing and Design
    PI web page:  Yiqi Yang Webpage
    Abstract:  Yiqi Yang Abstract
  17. High Throughput Screening for Compounds that Induce Lipid Accumulation in Algae for Biofuel Production
    Principal Investigator:  Concetta DiRusso, Department of Biochemistry
    PI web page: Concetta DiRusso Webpage
    Abstract:   704 Concetta DiRusso Abstract
  18. Implementation of Synthetic Biology for Next-Generation Biofuel Crop Improvement
    Principal Investigator:  Edgar Cahoon, Department of Biochemistry
    Co-PI:  Thomas Clemente, Agronomy and Horticulture
    PI web page: Edgar Cahoon Webpage
    Abstract:  902 Edgar Cahoon Abstract
  19. Improving Ethanol Production Efficiency: Optimization of Corn-based Feedstock Energy Conversions
    Principal Investigator: David Jackson, Food Science & Technology
    Co-Investigator(s): Wajira S. Ratnayake, Food Science & Technology, Rolando A. Flores, Food Science & Technology, Galen Erickson, Animal Science
    PI web page: David Jackson Webpage
    Abstract:  102 David Jackson Abstract
  20. Integrating Agricultural, Algal, and Bioenergy Systems for Nebraska: Fruition of the SUPER Loop
    Principal Investigator:  Galen Erickson, Animal Science Department
    Co-PIs:  Yufeng Ge and Amy Millmier Schmidt, Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page:  Galen Erickson Webpage
    Abstract:  904 Galen Erickson Abstract
  21. Integrated Systems for CO2 Capture, Anaerobic Digestion, and Algae Production
    Principal Investigator:   George Oyler, Biochemistry
    PI web page:  PI no longer at UNL.
    Abstract:  508 George Oyler Abstract
  22. Mechanisms of Action of Activators of Algal Biomass Production and Lipid Accumulation Grown at Pilot Scale on Anaerobic Digestate of Agricultural Waste Products
    Principal Investigator: Wayne Riekhof, School of Biological Sciences
    Co-PI:  Concetta DiRusso, Department of Biochemistry
    PI web page: Wayne Riekhof Webpage
    Abstract:  906 Wayne Riekhof Abstract
  23. Microbial Electrosynthetic Conversion of CO2 and Carbonates into Biogas and Bioproducts
    Principal Investigator:  Karrie Weber, School of Biological Sciences
    Co-PI: Nicole Buan, Department of Biochemistry
    PI web page: Karrie Weber Webpage
    Abstract:  Karrie Weber Abstract
  24. Micro/Nanomechanical Studies of Switchgrass Composition and Cellulose Breakdown Kinetics
    Principal Investigator:  Joseph Turner, Engineering Mechanics
    PI web page: Joseph Turner Webpage
    Abstract: 505 Joseph Turner Abstract
    Poster:  Quantifying the Viscoelastic Properties of Switchgrass Using Micro/Nano-Engineering Tools: Preliminary results
  25. Nanostructured Design of Catalysts for Converting Glycerol to Value Added Chemicals
    Principal Investigator:   Xiao Cheng Zeng, Chemistry
    PI web page: Xiao Cheng Zeng Webpage
    Abstract: 511 Xiao Zeng Abstract
  26. Novel Supercapacitors Based on Nano-Structured Materials
    Principal Investigator: Yongfeng Lu, Electrical Engineering
    Co-Investigator(s):  Dennis Alexander, Electrical Engineering, and Andrzej Rajca, Chemistry
    PI web page: Yongfeng Lu Webpage
    Abstract: 501 Yongfeng Lu Abstract
  27. Optimization of Biosoprene Production from Renewable and Captured Carbon
    Principal Investigator:  Nicole Buan, Biochemistry
    Co-PI: Karrie Weber, School of Biological Sciences
    PI web page:
    Abstract:  Nicole Buan abstract
  28. Optimizing Algae and Biogas Production in SUPER Loop Biorefineries
    Principal Investigator:   Galen Erickson, Animal Science
    PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage 
    Abstract: 506 Galen Erickson Abstract
    Poster: Comparing Dry, Wet, or Modified Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on Feedlot Cattle Performance 
  29. Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ethanol with Byproduct Feeding
    Principal Investigator:  Galen Erickson, Animal Science
    Co-Investigator(s):  Terry Klopfenstein, Animal Science, Adam Liska, Agronomy and Horticulture
    PI web page: Galen Erickson Webpage
    Abstract: 301 Galen Erickson Abstract
  30. Technical and Economical Analyses of Combined Heat and Power Generation for Distillers Grains
    Principal Investigator: Lijun Wang, Biological Systems Engineering
    Co-Investigator(s): Milford A. Hanna, Biological Systems Engineering, Curtis L. Weller, Biological Systems Engineering, David D. Jones, Biological Systems Engineering
    PI web page:  No longer at the  University of Nebraska
    Abstract:  104 Lijun Wang Abstract
  31. Toward High Value-Added Products from Lignin: A Hybrid Chemo/Biocatalytic Approach
    Principal Investigator:  David Berkowitz, Department of Chemistry
    Co-PI:  Mark Wilson, Department of Biochemistry
    PI web page:  David Berkowitz Webpage
    Abstract: 20-104 David Berkowitz Abstract
  32. Western Nebraska Perennial Grass Production Under Variable Water for Ethanol Production
    Principal Investigator: Gary Hergert, Panhandle Research and Extension Center
    PI web page: Gary Hergert Webpage
    Abstract: 302 Gary Hergert Abstract