Projects by Subject: Architecture/Architectural Engineering

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  1. A Combined High-Efficiency System for Buildings
    Principal Investigator:  Haorong Li, Architectural Engineering
    PI web page: Haorong Li Webpage
    Abstract Haorong Li Abstract
    Poster:   Innovative Wastewater Energy Recovery System
  2. Controls for Biomass Heating and Impact on Greenhouse Profitability
    Principal Investigator:  George E. Meyer
    Co-Principal Investigator:  Francis J. (John) Hay, Assistant Extension Educator
    PI web page: George Meyer Webpage
    Abstract: George Meyer Abstract
  3. Development, Implementation and Deployment of Smart Building Energy Systems Monitoring, Controls and Diagnostics Using a Wireless Sensor Network for Energy Efficiency and Conservation
    Principal Investigator: Haorong Li, Architectural Engineering – Omaha Co-Investigator(s): Song Ci, Computer & Electronics Engineering – Omaha, Hamid Sharif, Computer & Electronics Engineering – Omaha
    PI web page:  Haorong Li Webpage
    PI Abstract: 110 Haorong Li Abstract
  4. Optimal Energy Efficient Design for Residential Construction and Renovation
    Principal Investigator:  James Goedert, Construction Systems
    PI web page:  James Goedert Webpage
    Abstract:  James Goedert Abstract
  5. REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures on Urban Sites for the Generation and Transmission of Renewable MW to End Users in High Population Areas
    Principal Investigator:  Chris Ford, Architecture
    PI web page:  No longer at UNL
    Abstract:  404 Chris Ford Astract
    Poster: REIs: Renewable Energy Infrastructures
  6. Residential Electricity Management and Control Mediated by Occupancy Sensor Networks
    Principal Investigator:
    Dale Tiller,  Architectural Engineering
    PI web page: Dale Tiller Webpage
    507 Dale Tiller Abstract