2007-2008 Energy Center Research Grants (Cycle 2)

Category 1:  Wind energy science and policy research, and economic entrepreneurialism associated with development of wind energy in Nebraska.

Category 2. Sustainability of corn and soybean biofuel systems research, including the impact on greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, sustainability of feedstock supply, water constraints, and policy issues.

  • Enzymes for Enhancing Ethanol Production from Lignocellulose
    Principal Investigator:  James L. Van Etten
    Co-Investigators:  Vicki L. Schlegel, Food Sciences and Technology; Kenneth Nickerson, Biological Sciences
    PI web page: James Van Etten Webpage
    Abstract: James Van Etten Abstract

Category 3.  Biomass energy research:  biological and thermo-chemical conversion of cellulosic biomass to bioenergy, biofuel and bioproducts, gasification, power co-generation using biomass feedstock

 Category 4.  Energy efficient architecture and environmental control systems

  • Passive Solar Powered Earth Contact Heat Exchangers for Cooling Buildings
    Principal Investigator:  Bing Chen, Computer and Electronics Engineering
    Co-Principal Investigator:  Gang Wang, Architectural Engineering
    PI web page:  Bing Chen Webpage
    Abstract:  Bing Chen Abstract
  • Barriers to Adoption of Energy Efficient Practices and Technology by Small Businesses
    Principal Investigator:  Shirley Niemeyer, Housing and Environment Research, Extension
    Co-Principal Investigator:  Jerry Deichert, Center for Public Affairs Research
    PI web page:  No longer at University of Nebraska
    Abstract:  Shirley Niemeyer Abstract